Unstyled Wigs Product Catalogue
Welcome to our catalogue of unstyled wigs. Sakura Wigs offers unique and exclusive colors that other wig retailers do not carry! No more wasting time trying to color/dye your wigs to match a character!

We offer two lengths in a wide variety of colors: 60cm and 120cm.
  • All wigs are made of the highest quality grade of Kanekalon fibres
  • All wigs do not have skintops, but are able to be parted in any way
  • All colors are available for either lengths unless otherwise noted
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We are always adding more, so if you do not see what you need, or have some questions, please email us at: sales@sakurawigs.com!

60cm: US$30

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120cm: US$45
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To order, simply use the order form to check if we have your color in stock!
The shipping costs of US$8 to anywhere in the world is added during checkout.
60cm:Instock; 120cm:Instock 120cm:Instock 60cm:Instock
120cm:Instock 60cm:Instock 60cm:Instock; 120cm:Instock
60cm:Instock 60cm:Instock; 120cm:Instock 60cm:Instock; 120cm:Instock
60cm:Instock; 120cm:Instock 120cm:Instock 120cm:Instock
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